Research is an important component of SOTRS. We aim to provide up to date, evidenced based treatment and care to our patients and being actively involved in research allows us to do this.

The research arm of the practice, SOTRS Research, was established in 2007. In recognition of the expansion and influence of our important academic work, in 2020 we launched the St. George and Sutherland Centre for Clinical Orthopaedic Research, or SCORe. SCORe is a not for profit research entity with tax deductible donation status, dedicated to research improving patient outcomes. - COMING SOON

With the help of full time research assistants, we perform high quality research through partnerships with clinicians, hospitals and device companies.

Our core activities are collection, management and reporting of clinical data, research and research training, as well as translating and communicating our findings to the public.

The majority of our research is reviewed and monitored through South Eastern Sydney Local Health District Ethics.

The PDF below provides an overview of clinical research trials. If you should be invited to participate in a study either in these rooms or elsewhere, you will be provided with more specific information.