Country Patients

We welcome our patients who travel from the country to see us.  All our staff are familiar with the additional difficulties and stressors you may face at receiving treatment away from home.  Please let us assist you in making the experience easier.

Where to Stay

There are number of hotels and motels in the area surrounding St George and St George Private Hospitals which are suitable for your family or other support people to stay while you are in hospital.
For a list of local accommodation, click here  


There are many dine-in and take-away restaurants in Kogarah.
For a list of local restaurants, click here  


When you are ready to return home after your surgery, it is possible to arrange flights to transport you back to your local hospital or to your home.  This can be arranged by the hospital, or our staff can assist you with this.  The cost will depend on a number of factors including your health insurance cover. Please call our rooms if you would like more details.

Isolated Patients Travel and Accomodation Assisstance Scheme (IPTAAS)

The Isolated Patients Travel and Accomodation Assisstance Scheme (IPTAAS) is an initiative of the New South Wales Government. IPTAAS is a transport and accommodation subsidy scheme that assists people in isolated and rural communities to gain access to specialist medical treatment not available in their own area.
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